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Monday 12 January 1970 19:30  Liverpool  -  Coventry City  3 - 0  FA Cup 3rd Round Replay
Monday 12 January 1970 19:30 FA Cup 3rd Round Replay
"Liverpool" 3 - 0 "Coventry City"
 Ross 39, Thompson 54, Graham 72    
Team: 1. Tommy Lawrence, 2. Chris Lawler, 3. Peter Wall, 4. Geoff Strong, 5. Ron Yeats (c), 6. Emlyn Hughes, 7. Ian Callaghan, 8. Ian Ross, 9. Peter Thompson, 10. Ian St John, 11. Bobby Graham.

  Team: 1. Bill Glazier, Mick Coop, Cattlin, Machin, Barry, Setters, Hunt, Carr, Martin, O'Rourke, Clements.

Referee: Vince James (York)
Anfield (capacity )
Attendance: 51,261
  Bill Shankly (Liverpool)
Noel Cantwell (Coventry C)

Official matchday programme  Price: 9 d

  Thompson's genius ruins City's night

  Two flashes of genius from Liverpool's Peter Thompson in last night's Anfield replay put paid to Coventry City's hopes of a long-awaited FA Cup run.

  In retrospect, Coventry lost their chance when they did not clinch the first meeting. For apart from the first half hour last night, during which they contained Liverpool admirably, they were very much second best in front of a roaring exultant Kop.

  In short City were well beaten. I felt the margin was a little unjust in the view of the way they battled, but after going seven games without defeat this was a performance well below what they had served up recently.

  Having set up the first goal after 39 minutes, when City looked like containing Liverpool's attackers by forcing them to play square across the park, Peter Thompson made Coventry's task impossible by getting a brilliant goal only nine minutes after the break.

  The last half hour was torture for the 4,000 City fans as Liverpool turned on the heat and rubbed it in through a spectacular overhead kick by Bobby Graham.

  With Emlyn Hughes powering through and being every bit the danger City chief, Noel Cantwell, foretold, and Graham adding pep with his dangerous raiding, Coventry were overplayed once Liverpool had achieved the upper hand early in the second half. From then on, the issue was never in doubt.

  Had Coventry played with anything like the nerve they showed in the first 15 minutes they might have even taken it to another tie. But this early spell was the only time when they looked like pinning Liverpool down.

  Once Ross had headed through after Thompson's spurt past two men and Cross had split City's defence, it looked ominous. Thompson set the ground alight with his goal - a fast ground shot to which Bill Glazier appeared slow going down - and when Graham rounded it off after 72 minutes, following work by Callaghan and Hughes. City were well and truly spanked.

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