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3 March 1976 17:30  SG Dinamo (Dresden, GDR)  -  Liverpool  0 - 0  UEFA Cup Quater-Final 1st Leg
3 March 1976 17:30 UEFA Cup Quater-Final 1st Leg
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"SG Dinamo" 0 - 0 "Liverpool"
Team: 1. Claus Boder, Matthias Muller, Frank Ganzera, Udo Schmuck, Klaus Muller, Reinhard Hafner, Hartmut Schade, Dieter Riedel, Rainer Sachse, 10. Peter Kotte, Gerd Heidler.

Subs: 12. Frank Richter.
  Team: 1. Ray Clemence, 2. Phil Neal, 3. Tommy Smith, 4. Phil Thompson, 5. Ray Kennedy, 6. Emllyn Hughes (c), 7. Kevin Keegan, 8. Jimmy Case, 9. Steve Heighway, 10. David Fairclough, 11. Ian Callaghan.

Subs: 12. Brian Hall, 13. Peter McDonnell, 14. Joey Jones, 15. Terry McDermott, 16. Alan Waddle.
 Sachse (Richter 76)    Fairclough (Hall 61)
Referee: Alfred Delcourt (Belgium)
Rudolf Harbig St. (capacity )
Attendance: 32,182
  Walter Fritzsch (Dinamo D)
Bob Paisley (Liverpool)

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  - Ray Clemence saved a penalty from Peter Kotte

  - Clemence later revealed that Bob Paisley had seen Kotte score from a penalty in a previous match so told him which way to dive!

  В Дрездене мяч в воротах не побывал. Здесь пенальти отразил вратарь «Ливерпуля» Клеменс. За динамовцев не выступали дисквалифицированные на один матч Крайше и Дернер.

  Copyright - Eженедельник "Футбол-Хоккей" № 10 1976 г.

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