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Liverpool FC Masters

Season 2007

UK Masters - Coventry Masters

 ?         ?  ? Group   Leicester City   3-3   Babb, Aldridge, Walsh
 ?         ?  ? Group   Coventry City   4-2   Spackman 2 goals, Durnin, Aldridge
 ?         ?  ? Group   Everton   3-2   Durnin, Marsh, Aldridge
 ?         ?  ? F   Leicester City   3-5   Aldridge, Marsh, Molby


LFC UC Masters Squad
  Bob Bolder
  Jan Molby
  Gary Gillespie
  Mike Marsh
  Phil Babb
  Paul Walsh
  Nigel Spackman
  John Durnin
  John Aldridge


  Masters Awards

  UK Masters:

  Regional Player of the Tournament
- Nigel Spackman

  Player of the Tournament - Mike Marsh


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