Paul Small: Masseur in club 2002 -
Season 2006-07  Paul Small

  Job Title: Masseur with 2002

  Date of Birth: 17/06/1964

  With the Reds: summer 2002 -

  Former Clubs as Player:

  Former Clubs as Staff: Widnes Rugby Club

  Birthplace: Liverpool

  Characteristics: An expert in his field


Season 2002-03  Paul Small hails from Liverpool and is a former masseur at Widnes Rugby Union Club. Through a martial arts background he discovered an interest in sports massage.

  Originally working at Melwood only on Sunday mornings, he assumed a full time role in the summer of 2002.

  Paul will work with the players before and after training sessions and participates in the daily medical planning meetings. He also oversees the preparation of the players’ fluid intake.

  Recently appointed the England Under-21 team masseur, Paul also travels to all reserve team fixtures.

Season 2004-05  Said Paul: "This is a brilliant job and there's a great atmosphere amongst the staff which makes it enjoyable to come to work."
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