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Season 1928  -  1929
Liverpool FC Squad Liverpool FC Staff
  Arthur Riley Gk South Africa   Manager - George Pattersonn
  Elisha Scott Gk Northern Ireland
  Tom Bromilow Def England
  David Davidson Def Scotland
   Robert Done Def England
  William James Gray Def Scotland
  James Jackson Def England
  John Lindsay Def Scotland
  Tommy Lucas Def England
  Donald MacKinlay Def Scotland
  Neil McBain Def Scotland
  Tom Morrison Def Scotland
  Albert Shears Def England
  Dick Edmed Mid England
  Fred Hopkin Mid England
  James Clark Str England
  Gordon Hodgson Str South Africa
  Jimmy McDougall Str Scotland
  John McFarlane Str Scotland
  Billy Millar Str Northern Ireland
  Henry Race Str England
  Tom Reid Str Scotland
  Bill Salisbury Str Scotland
  Albert Whitehurst Str England

  Capitan - Tom Bromilow

Reserves team

Liverpool A & B, Youth

  Transfers & Loan

Manufacturer Kit:

  Finale tables Division 1, match and goal for all season. Other Facts.

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