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  Anfield Expansion: The Key Questions Answered (23.04.2014)

  Reds stadium vote blocked

  A BID for a referendum over Liverpool Football Club's proposed move to Stanley Park has been blocked.

  Green space campaigners wanting to stop the club building on Stanley Park have called for a ballot of the whole city.

  They are backed by Melrose Cllr Joe Hanson, who today put a motion to the executive board calling for the vote.

  But the scheme was blocked and Liberal Democrat council leader Mike Storey said: "There has been extensive consultation with the people of Anfield.

  "Calling for a referendum is expensive nonsense and shows how Labour are willing to play politics with people's lives."

  But Cllr Hanson insisted the matter was not over.

  "He said: "We are determined to ensure everyone has their say."

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Delay threat to new stadium

  An artist's impression of how the inside Liverpool FC's new stadium will look

  LIVERPOOL Football Club last night admitted for the first time that their plans for a new 60,000-seat stadium in Stanley Park could be delayed.

  Chief executive Rick Parry was the man who dropped the biggest hint yet that the club's hopes of starting the 2006 season in Stanley Park may now be unrealistic.

  Mr Parry's comments come at a time when the proposed new J80m stadium has still not been scheduled to come before the city's planning committee.

  It had been hoped that planning permission for the stadium would be granted in March - with work possibly starting on site in May.

  But a council spokesman last night confirmed the LFC stadium was still not listed for the next planning meeting on May 4.

  Sources confirmed to the Daily Post that it was "highly unlikely" that the stadium plan would be considered by councillors before the "all-out" elections on June 10.

  Already then the timescale has slipped by at least three months and that is before the possibility of a legal challenge by opponents and further public consultation.

  Mr Parry said: "There's always a host of issues which arise, as has been the case this time. It's too early at this stage to say what it means for the opening date but none of the delays help, let's put it that way.

  "I don't think it (the stadium) will fail. I think there may be delays, there may be areas that have to be modified but we would be very disappointed if we ended up with a 'No' because that would essentially mean we hadn't done our homework somewhere along the line."

  The city council stuck to a well-worn party line highlighting the possibility of the people of Anfield being asked again about the stadium - despite a widespread public consultation in 2002.

  Opponents of the LFC plans hope they will be "called in" by the Government because it involves building on part of a Victorian public park.

  After the stadium plans were originally submitted last November, council planning officers sent the club a 46-page dossier of issues that needed to be addressed.

  It is the club's response to that which is currently being studied.

  The chief executive also played down fears the club might struggle to fill a 60,000-seat stadium, given the team's recent indifferent form.

  Joe Kenny, of the Anfield Regeneration Action Committee, said: "I'm not surprised it could be delayed.

  "We are talking to lawyers and, even if this gets approved by the planning committee, we think we will be able to mount legal action delaying it yet further, if not indefinitely."

  By Andy Kelly

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  New talks on Red stadium

  An artist's impression of how the inside Liverpool FC's new stadium will look

  PEOPLE are being given another chance to have their say on Liverpool Football Club's plans for a new Anfield.

  The city council will reopen debate about the ?80m stadium on Monday, when updated plans will be made public for the first time.

  Among the new information is a report on the alternative sites for the stadium, a conservation plan for Stanley Park and a strategy for the proposed Anfield Plaza, on the site of the current stadium.

  It means the planning application for the stadium at Stanley Park will not be considered by councillors until after local elections next month.

  The club had hoped to get the green light some time this month so work could begin this summer.

  But it is not thought the four-week delay will cause serious disruption to the construction timetable and club chiefs are confident the stadium will open in time for the 2006/07 season.

  A council spokesman said: "Further information has been received from the club. This is in response to some questions we had about the stadium design and the proposed Anfield Plaza.

  "Some minor changes have been made and we are allowing the public to view the plans for a second time until June 1."

  The club submitted its original planning application last autumn but city council planners needed clarification on several issues.

  They responded with a 46-page document covering various points of concern and the club has now sent its answers to the queries.

  A spokesman for Liverpool FC said: "The planning application is with the council, I can't say when it will be be heard.

  "When they consider the application I am sure they will let us know."

  Joe Kenny, chairman of Anfield Regeneration Action Committee, which is leading the fight against the new Stadium, said: "The council is only re-opening part of the planning application, there is still very much more that the people of Anfield need to know.

  "A lot of people are going to object because the quality of this stadium is poor and building on Stanley Park is wrong."

  A major consultation exercise two years ago found majority support for the scheme but the method used in that consultation has been widely criticised by opponents.

  * The new plans will be made available to the public at Millennium House, Victoria Street, from Monday morning.

  By Mike Hornby

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